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On September 7 “Razom We Stand” NGO will be gathering five leading global and Ukrainian experts and thought leaders to explore and discuss the potential to initiate new economic development pathways for Ukraine and Europe to a safe, green and prosperous future.

Along with existential challenges that must be addressed in face of Russian aggression, Ukraine has the unique potential to become a global showcase for a rapid shift away from fossil fuels.

The current outline of Ukraine’s economic recovery plan has a very broad representation of thoughts and already features some of the necessary elements, but still needs to be cleared from misconceptions, consolidated, streamlined and backed by real legislative and policy action.

Being a candidate for EU membership Ukraine can expect broad support and major investments from Germany and the USA during post-war reconstruction. But for efforts on sustainable economic recovery to succeed, a commitment to set a radically new course aimed at rapid decarbonisation is required both from Ukraine and its international partners.

The virtual roundtable will discuss geopolitical, economic, industrial and environmental benefits of rapid decarbonisation in Ukraine with our outstanding speakers:

Amory Lovins, co-founder of RMI (formerly Rocky Mountain Institute) and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University;

Bill McKibben, founder of Third Act and co-founder of;

Kjell Kuehne, founder and director of the Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO), researcher at University of Leeds;

Anna Ackermann, founding member of Ecoaction, policy analyst at International Institute for Sustainable Development;

Natalia Andrusevych, chair of the board of directors at Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment” (Ukraine).

The event will be moderated by Svitlana Romanko, founder and director of Razom We Stand NGO.

Please register here:

Registered participants will be able to ask questions during the Q&A session and will receive a detailed agenda plus additional content about the event and its speakers.

Zoom (for registered participants) |FB livestream 



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