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Грантова програма від Шведського інституту для посилення демократичних свобод

Шведський інститут надає фінансування для загальної підтримки проектів із демократизації, свободи вираження ідей і прав людини в цільових країнах. Грантова програма передбачає обов’язкову наявність шведського партнера для реалізації проекту. Дедлайн - 25 січня 2017 р. (далі - англ.).

Swedish Institute now ready to receive applications for funding from the Creative Force programme. The deadline is 25 January 2017 (midnight CET).

Creative Force finances collaborative initiatives involving Swedish and international organisations.

Projects which qualify for funding should aim to strengthen democracy, human rights and freedom of expression in the programme’s target countries. They should specifically do this through collaborations which use either culture or the media as means for bringing about change.

Creative Force offers two forms of funding in three geographic areas. Use the links below to find out more about these.

Two types of funding

  • Seed funding (
  • Collaborative projects (

Creative Force Eastern Europe and Turkey supports collaborative projects with the overall objective of supporting democratisation, freedom of expression and human rights in the target countries.

These aims shall be achieved through mutual learning processes and sustainable networks between organisations and agents of change who work specifically with either culture or the media to bring about change.

Details of previous and current projects which have been granted funding from the programme are available in the Creative Force database (

Which countries are included?

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia, Turkey and Ukraine.

What kind of project is eligible for funding?

Creative Force Eastern Europe and Turkey is part of Sweden’s Reform cooperation strategyfor the region, the aim of which is stronger democracy, equitable and sustainable development and closer ties with the EU and its fundamental values. Projects in this geographic area are intended to contribute specifically to one or more of the following:

  • A more pluralistic civil society.
  • Improved conditions for democratic accountability to the people.
  • Freer and more independent media.
  • Stronger rights and greater respect for/recognition of vulnerable groups such as children and LGBTQ persons as well as ethnic and religious minorities.
  • Greater awareness and reduced levels of discrimination and intolerance.
  • Women and men increasingly have equal power to shape society and their own lives.

SI will give precedence to projects with a communicative dimension which possess the potential for wider dissemination and which will help to shape opinion and encourage discussion of the issues raised.

Projects may be carried out in Sweden or in one or more of the programme countries. Priority will be given to cross-border collaborations within the region.

SI advises all Swedish partners who have been granted funding to follow the travel recommendations of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and to check the insurance regulations for the country in question, for example on

Target group

The primary target group for Creative Force are agents of change and opinion-makers who, through culture or the media, work with creative processes to strengthen democratisation and human rights. These can be organisations and groups of cultural actors and journalists, other actors within media organisations as well as human rights defenders and political activists, women’s rights groups, youth organisations or other relevant actors who work to increase democratisation and freedom of expression.

The final beneficiaries of Creative Force initiatives are groups and/or individuals who are directly positively influenced by the project outcomes, especially vulnerable groups in the programme countries and regions: women, children and youth as well as minority groups in especially vulnerable positions such as LGBTQ individuals or people with disabilities.


More information:

For more information, please send an e-mail to creativeforce(a) 



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