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Програма малих грантів громадської дипломатії уряду США – молодіжні та культурні проекти

Посольство США в Києві оголошує Програму малих грантів громадської дипломатії для підтримки проектів у сфері культури та підтримки молоді на 2019–2020 рр. Проектні заявки повинні бути пов'язані з однією або кількома прийнятними темами та пріоритетами фінансування, які викладені в оголошенні. Залежно від наявності коштів, Посольство США надаватиме малі гранти українським та американським організаціям, що мають статус неурядових і неприбуткових. Дедлайн: 12 січня / 12 квітня / 5 липня 2020 року.

Більше можливостей для отримання фінансування у розділі «Гранти»

Funding Opportunity:                    Ukraine: U.S. Government Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program – Culture and Youth Projects

Funding Opportunity Number:      PAS-Ukraine-2020-003

Announcement Type:                      Grant

Funding Amount:                             $200,000 Total Funding. To be awarded in grants valued at $10,000-$50,000

CFDA:                                               19.040

Opening Date:                                  November 5, 2019

Closing Date:                                   Rolling acceptance

Program: Ukraine:                          U.S. Government Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program – Cultural and Sports Programs

Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy
4, Igor Sikorsky St., Kyiv 04112
Tel.: +38 (044) 521 5043; +38 (044)521 52 73
[email protected]

SUMMARY: The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv announces the 2019-2020 Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program to support culture and youth projects in Ukraine. Project proposals must be linked to one or more of the eligible themes and funding priorities outlined below. Subject to availability of funds, the Embassy will award small grants as described below to Ukrainian and U.S.-based non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations. Program requirements are described in detail below. The project must be tailored towards Ukrainian audiences, and all project activities supported by the U.S. Embassy grant should take place in Ukraine and incorporate a substantive U.S. component.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:                               

Ukrainian and U.S. registered non-profit, non-governmental organizations are eligible to apply. Third country organizations and individuals are not eligible.

Eligible themes are:

  • Performing and visual arts, including but not limited to all genres of music, dance, fashion, theater, literature, film, photography, and video.
  • Fine arts, including but not limited to exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photography, artifacts, cartoons, murals, graffiti, or other similar works.
  • Innovative projects in such fields as culinary arts, sports (team and individual, traditional and extreme), urban planning, video and board game design, virtual reality, and others.

Funding priorities are:

  • Empowering women, youth, and marginalized groups, including but not limited to veterans, persons with disabilities, and internally displaced persons.
  • Advancing the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Encouraging the documentation of national memory and identity.
  • Integrating marginalized groups into communities.
  • Strengthening community cohesion and tolerance between, among others, religious, ethno-national, linguistic, and gender groups.
  • Supporting Ukrainian civil society.
  • Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the technology sector.
  • Expanding cultural ties between Ukraine and the United States.

All the projects should promote the U.S. culture in Ukraine or highlight American-Ukrainian collaboration in the chosen thematic field. Participation of American experts or artists is strongly encouraged. Collaborative, sustained projects that include educational elements are preferred, as are projects that target less frequently engaged regions of Ukraine.


All organizations applying to receive Federal assistance must have a Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS) before the application is submitted, and both a CCR (NCAGE) number and an active account with the System for Award Management ( before an award can be made.

Please refer to for more information regarding the process to obtain required registrations.


Subject to availability of funds, organizations may apply for grants in the amount of $10,000-$50,000. Allowable costs are those directly related to the project activities. The program encourages (but does not require) organizations to provide in-kind contributions and/or coordinate funding with other donors.

Costs incurred before the official grant period begins (pre-award costs) will not be reimbursed.

Proposals may not include funding requests for the following:

  • Office rent and utilities
  • Capital improvements, such as construction and renovation
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Activities that convey the appearance of partisanship or support for electoral campaigns
  • Social welfare projects
  • Academic or analytical research (if not part of a larger project)
  • Scholarships
  • Entertainment, including receptions, social activities, ceremonies, alcoholic beverages, cocktail parties, guided tours.
  • Travel to the United States and activities in the United States
  • Writing novels or non-fiction books
  • Commissioning or creating artwork (unless part of a broader project)


Timeline: Grant proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated according to the following timeline, which is divided into three review cycles. The project period of performance must begin no earlier than 60 days after the submission deadline. Notification of awards should occur approximately two weeks after the review dates identified below (barring delays related to availability of funds).

  • January 13, 2020: The grants committee will begin reviewing proposals received by January 12, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Eastern European Standard Time.
  • April 13, 2020: The grants committee will begin reviewing proposals received by April 12, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Eastern European Standard Time.
  • July 6, 2020: The grants committee will begin reviewing proposals received by July 5, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Eastern European Standard Time.

Note: An organization is allowed to submit only one application per calendar year. Individuals are not eligible to participate in this competition. Any applications received after the review dates listed above will be considered in the following review cycle. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application Content and Format: Applicants must follow the instructions and conditions contained herein and supply all required information.

Failure to furnish all information or comply with stated requirements will result in disqualification from the competition.

Applicants must set forth full, accurate, and complete information. Providing false or misleading information in an application will result in disqualification from this and future Public Diplomacy Small Grants competitions.

Application Instructions: A complete application consists of two documents: an application form and a separate budget spreadsheet (Excel document).

The application form can be found at and includes instructions on how to draft the budget.

Your application form and budget spreadsheet must be submitted in English only by email to [email protected]. You will receive a message confirming receipt of your electronic application containing a registration number. Please do not send hard copies by mail. Please submit only the application form and the budget; no other documents will be reviewed or taken into consideration.

The subject line of submission emails should follow this format:

Culture and Youth: Abbreviated Project Title, Name of Applicant Organization

Interview: Applicants shortlisted by the review committee may be called for an in-person or Skype interview to review the details of their proposal before a final decision is made.


Overall grant-making authority for this program is contained in the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, Public Law 87-195, as amended.  The purpose of the Act is “to enable the Government of the United States to promote the foreign policy, security, and general welfare of the United States by assisting peoples of the world in their efforts toward economic development and internal and external security, and for other purposes.” The funding authority for the program above is provided through legislation.


The Embassy Public Diplomacy Grants Committee will use the following criteria to evaluate proposals received in response to this funding opportunity:

Program Goals and Objectives/Activities Plan: A clear overview of the program, as well as goals and objectives, should be indicated in the proposal. The Embassy Public Diplomacy Grants Committee will closely consider whether the overall objectives align with our funding priorities and Mission goals in Ukraine. Applicants should describe what they propose to do and how they will do it. The proposed activities must directly relate to meeting proposed goals and objectives, and applicants should include information on how they will measure activities’ effectiveness (see below). The Grants Committee will evaluate the activities planned in terms of their relevance to program goals and objectives, the feasibility of the proposed activities, their timeline for completion, and the program monitoring and evaluation plan (see below).

Program Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: Proposals should have a clear monitoring and evaluation plan to ensure proper implementation of the program. Projects should identify specific measurable objectives and include a plan for gathering data before and after the program to illustrate whether objectives were met.

Organizational Capacity: Applications must include a clear description of the project management structure and previous experience with similar programs. Besides general organization information, this section must also identify the proposed management structure and staffing plan for the proposed program. Applicants must demonstrate the ability and commitment to complete the program.

Project Outcome and Sustainability: Applicants should clearly their expected results and how their project will change their institution, field, community, and/or society. It is expected that projects will have a short-term outcome (result of the project itself) as well as a longer-term impact. Applicants are expected to articulate their vision for both short-term and longer-term outcomes, which should extend beyond the project period. If relevant, applicants should illustrate how their project will be sustainable without external funding. Applicants should not expect the U.S. Embassy to fund their projects on a continual basis.

Budget: Costs should be reasonable and realistic in relation to the program activities. Applicants are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible so that the committee may determine the extent to which the request represents an efficient use of U.S. government resources. The budget should be consistent with the narrative description of the program and should reflect the applicant’s understanding of the allowable cost principles established by Title 2 CFR 200.306 (part 230) on cost principles for non-profit organizations.

Cost Sharing: Cost sharing is encouraged; however, it is not a requirement of an application in response to this funding announcement.


Issuance of this funding opportunity does not constitute an award commitment on the part of the United States Government (USG). It does not commit the USG to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals. The USG reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received. If a proposal is selected for funding, the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv has no obligation to provide any additional future funding in connection with the award. The USG reserves the right to reduce, revise, or increase proposal budgets in accordance with the needs of the project evaluation requirements.


Should additional information be required, please contact the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, at [email protected].



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