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IFES Україна оголошує тендер на проведення післявиборчого опитування

IFES Україна шукає постачальника послуг для проведення післявиборчого опитування з метою виявлення ключових аспектів, які вплинули на участь громадян України у місцевих виборах 2020 року, а також ефективності заходів, які було вжито органами адміністрування виборів для усунення побоювань виборців, пов’язаних із COVID-19. IFES використовуватиме дані, отримані за результатами опитування, для надання рекомендацій Центральній виборчій комісії (ЦВК) щодо її стратегій та вивчених уроків.

IFES надає перевагу панельному онлайн опитуванню, але розгляне інші методи проведення онлайн-дослідження.


Далі англійською:

IFES Ukraine is seeking a service provider to conduct a post-election survey focused on identifying key issues that impacted the Ukrainian population’s participation in local elections in 2020, as well as steps of electoral authorities, which was taken to address voter concerns related to COVID-19. IFES will use the data obtained from the survey to advise the Central Election Commission (CEC) on its lessons learned efforts.

The service provider is expected to provide a quotation that encompasses the methodology, timing, and pricing of the survey using online methodologies. IFES prefers an online panel approach but would welcome other means to conduct an online research. IFES will provide a question with approximately 25-30 closed-ended items (excluding demographics) in Ukrainian to the selected contractor. The timeline specified should start on the day the questionnaires are received from IFES, but no later than November 15-20.

1) Responsibilities of Contractor (in close consultation at every stage with IFES):

  1. Complete interviews, 2 options
  • 1, 250 interviews
  • 2,000 interviews
  1. Format and translate the questionnaires. The Contractor is expected to translate the questionnaire into Ukrainian.
  2. Pretest the formatted and translated questionnaire.
  3. Identify population database used to design the sample of the respondents for interviews.
  4. Select sampling approach for each survey, construct sample, and identify a method for selecting respondents in consultation with IFES.
  5. Describe means to be used to examine the representativeness of the achieved sample for each separate survey.
  6. Manage all aspects of fieldwork for each survey.
  7. Screen and hire field staff with appropriate qualifications and regional knowledge.
  8. Conduct training of interviewers and enumerators.
  9. Develop coding scheme; code, enter, and clean data.
  10. Prepare electronic data file, marginal results, tabulations, and a methodological report.

2) Deliverables:

  • The translated and formatted questionnaire in Ukrainian language.
  • Pre-test results and recommendations for changes in the questionnaire for the survey.
  • Sample design and approach used to select respondents for the survey.
  • Coding scheme (based on question numbers and skips and filter instructions in the questionnaire), including codes for open-ended questions.
  • Data frequency results for all questions, with weights, if weights are needed.
  • Data cross-tabulations for all questions by a set of demographic variables specified by IFES.
  • Electronic data file in SPSS.SAV format along with a methodological report for the survey.

3) Submission requirements:

IFES requests that the service provider includes details on the following, but not limited to, items (proposal should be submitted on English):

  1. Description of the demographic composition of survey sample and comparison to overall population characteristics in Ukraine;
  • If an online panel being proposed, demographic characteristics and recruitment methodology
  • If a non-panel online survey being proposed, recruitment methodology
  1. The estimated period of field work.
  2. Quality control procedures used by a service provider, including maintenance of panel if an online panel is being proposed.
  3. Staffing information to include: (1) CVs of key personnel who will be responsible for implementing activities; (2) qualifications and experience of the members of your staff who will be directly handling this project; (3) the number of interviewers used for fieldwork; (4) the number of field supervisors accompanying interviewers in the field.
  4. Cost for both interview options.
  5. Relevant past experience to include: (1) examples of similar survey projects; (2) list of clients.
  6. State registration documents.

4) Requirements to the bidder:

  1. Past experience in conducting surveys on similar topic;
  2. An officially registered status according to Ukrainian law;
  3. Successful experience of collaboration with international organizations;
  4. Highly qualified staff/specialists with appropriate professional background;
  5. Abbility to conduct survey within limited period of time.

It is expected that the survey will take place in mid-November.

IFES expects results to be finalized and submitted to IFES no later than December 15, 2020.

The period of performance: November 2020 – December 2020.

Interested Contractors are invited to submit their proposals in English to Kateryna Polishchuk ( and Maksym Palamarchuk ( with the “Post-Election Survey” in the subject line. The deadline for applications is COB, November 6, 2020 (Kyiv time).


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