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Конкурс проєктів у рамках програми МАТРА для Закарпатської і Херсонської областей

Посольство Нідерландів в Україні оголошує конкурс проєктів у рамках програми МАТРА на 2022 рік для громадських організацій із Закарпатської та Херсонської областей.  Кінцева дата подання проєктних пропозицій: 25 листопада 2021 року. Далі - англійською. 



General information

The MATRA Programme for social transformation has been running in Ukraine since 1993.  MATRA started as a programme aimed at helping East European countries to become democratic, pluriform constitutional states with a strong civil society.  Today, the MATRA Programme continues to help strengthening civil society, democracy and the rule of law in Ukraine. 

Priority areas

In 2022, the call for concept notes will target Zakarpattya and Kherson oblasts of Ukraine with the objective of supporting reforms in the areas of the rule of law, good governance and democracy.  Activities have to fall within the following areas:

1. Strengthening the rule of law with the focus on fighting corruption.

2. Supporting civic oversight over the implementation of key reforms.

3. Enhancing the position of civil society organisations. 

4. Implementing civic education, youth participation and active citizenship programmes.

5. Contributing to security and stability in the regions through supporting community cohesion and independent media.

Requirements to applicant organisations: 

The call for concept notes is open for civil society organisations (CSOs) based in Zakarpattya and Kherson oblasts.  The applicant organisation should be a well-known and respected regional/ local CSOs or a think tank that is aware of the needs in the respective regions and is capable of responding to these needs.  Coalitions with CSOs from other regions / international / Dutch organisations are possible.

Be strictly independent and non-partisan.

Be able to take full responsibility for the project implementation.

Have strong financial and organizational capacity.

Have experience / understanding in running projects that involve re-granting.

Be able to reach communities.

Have an innovative communication outreach strategy. 

The following activities are eligible for support:

Advocacy, watchdog and monitoring activities.

Awareness‐raising activities.

Capacity‐building and organisational support to CSOs.

Network and coalition building.

Mutual learning and information dissemination.

Education and training activities.

Promotion of volunteerism, empowerment and participation of target groups.

Final provisions:

The maximum project budget is 100.000 EUR (an equivalent in hryvnya).  The budget may comprise management costs, including administrative costs and services, as well as the re-granting fund, which are the funds given directly to sub-grantees.

The maximum project duration is 24 months.

The concept note should be presented in English using the application form attached to this announcement (please follow the link).

A soft copy of the concept note should be submitted before 25 November 2021 at the following address:

All applicants will be informed in writing of the results by 31 December 2021.

All questions related to this call for concept notes should be forwarded to:


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