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Міжнародний тренінг для журналістів з питань законної міграції

Тренінг покликаний розширити базу знань, інструментарій та стретегії висвітлення теми законної та трудової міграції в ЗМІ. Дедлайн - 28 липня 2019 року (далі - англ.).

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Training dates: September to December 2019 (exact dates TBC)

Locations: Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

Languages: English

Media plays an important role not only in the formation of public opinion and public discourse, but also in shaping state approaches to migration by reporting on migration issues. By underlining the most pressing migration challenges or the numerous benefits of migration, by capitalising on certain migration topics and by omitting others, the media has a vast influence on the formation of a broad image and perception of migration itself. Therefore, it is important to know how information relating to migration is collected, shared and distributed amongst various actors, which significantly impacts the formation of both public perceptions and migration policy. As a first step towards such a review, it is crucial to study how migration-related issues are represented in the media.

The main purpose of the MOMENTA (“Migration Media Training Academy”) project is to foster objective coverage and in-depth reporting on migration, in particular on legal migration channels and their benefits, on labour migration and on the disadvantages, dangers and pitfalls of irregular migration, smuggling and trafficking in human beings.

The overall objective of MOMENTA is to contribute to a balanced and evidence-based reporting in EaP countries and Russia on legal migration to the EU. The specific objectives focus on facilitating high quality and balanced reporting of the media on legal migration issues and related migration topics in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia; on fostering and supporting migration understanding, expertise and education for journalists needed for further improvement of investigative journalism in the project target countries; and creating and maintaining qualified communicators’ networks to increase enhanced institutional and public awareness on legal migration from the EaP region and Russia to the EUMember States and related topics.

As one of its main activities, the MOMENTA project envisions a training cycle which will consist of three one-week long trainings to be organised within a 3-month period (September – November 2019). The main aim of the training programme is to provide participating journalists and other media professionals with the tools, strategies and information to understand and report on complex migration issues related to legal and labour migration. As a result of the training cycle the journalists will be able to better research and report on these migration topics.

The training will focus on how to report on legal and labour migration, prevention of irregular migration, etc. The trainings will also provide an overview of statistical information on migration in the region and Europe, migration related trainings explaining terminology and world migration trends and providing examples of objective and balanced reporting on migration as well as results of different media migration monitoring, etc. Each training session will build up on the previous training in order to create a learning curve. To support that, relevant literature will be purchased for the participants.

In total three trainings will be organised in autumn 2019, namely in September, October and November, followed by a conference in December 2019. Each training will gather three participants from each participating country (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia), making it 21 participants in total.

The following topics will be taught at the training:

 Introduction to migration, terminology, definitions and concepts, theories
 Legal migration
 Labour migration
 Irregular migration
 Trafficking in human beings
 Integration and reintegration, diaspora communities
 Migration research methods
 Use of statistical data
 Data analysis and data visualisation
 Other migration-related issues

Each training will be accompanied by two ICMPD project staff and at least two trainers. The participants will be selected through this call for applications and informed about the dates of the trainings in due time in order to assure their participation and availability for all three trainings and the final conference.
The trainings will preferably take place in one of the EaP countries, such as Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The training sessions will be followed by individual mentored writing sessions on specific topics selected by the project team together with the participants. During these sessions the participants will have to develop an article on migration which is in line with the overall and specific objectives and main communication messages of the project. All articles will have to be developed in English language. The writing process will be fully supervised and mentored by the project team and experts in form of advice for literature, research methods, statistical data, writing style, etc. The project will apply an innovative approach to teaching with the inclusion of interactive tools, showing and discussion of examples of TV, radio, newspaper articles, blogs on migration issues related to legal and labour migration as well as the dangers of irregular migration, using the expertise of German and other European professionals working in the field as well as additional exercises and homework, etc.

During the course of the training cycle, the participants will have to write articles and news pieces using their newly gained knowledge.

Application Instructions

Participation in the MOMENTA training cycle is awarded on a competitive basis. All training expenses will be covered by the project and experienced media experts will support the participants in the development of their articles on migration. Thus, it is a unique opportunity to participate at this training. Eligible candidates have to be citizens from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine as well as Russia and have to be fluent in English. They need to have some experience in working in journalism and some knowledge on migration. They must be available to participate in all the one-week trainings in September, October and November and at the final project conference in December 2019.

The following people are eligible to apply:

  • Junior or established (freelance) journalists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine as well as Russia
  • Bloggers, radio or TV journalists, podcasters, other media creators
  • Recent  graduates of journalism or media studies in need of a training on migration issues
  • Fluency in English language is required
  • Interest in migration topics
  • Availability to travel to three one-week trainings and a conference in September – December 2019

Submissions shall include:

  • Recent CV including contact information and a short biography of the journalist (up to 100 words)
  • Copies of up to three published stories/ journalistic pieces related to migration in English language (in most common file format (MS Word – for text articles/ blogs, etc; AVIWMV – for video; PCMWAV or MP3 – for audio stories. Please, contact the organisers, if there are questions related to the file format)
  • Link to officially published narratives/ stories related to migration in English language, if available; or other proof of official publications done before 14 July 2019
  • Short motivation explaining the wish to participate in the training cycle
  • All materials must be submitted in English language

Only selected participants will be contacted. The organisers reserve the right to contact journalists via email or phone before making the final selection. 

The training will be held in English language, thus all participants need to be fluent in English, in written and oral form. Participation in the trainings is free of charge, meals and training materials will be covered and flights will be booked by the project

Application and selection procedure:

  • Submission of complete applications in English: 28 July 2019, 17:00 CET, to
  • Potential consultations with shortlisted candidates: 28 July – 15 August 2019
  • Notifications of acceptance: until the end of August 2019
  • Training: September to November 2019 (exact dates TBC)
  • Conference: December 2019 (exact dates TBC)

Project is implemented by Internatation Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). ICMPD is an international organisation active in more than 90 countries worldwide, it takes a regional approach in its work to create efficient cooperation and partnerships along migration routes.


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