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Триває відбір на молодіжний обмін Across the Universe, Erasmus+ (Ліван)

ГО «Молодіжна ініціатива міст» разом із партнерами реалізовують молодіжний обмін Across the Universe 9-18 листопада, що присвячений розвитку гуманістичних цінностей через крос-релігійне та крос-культурне співробітництво різних народів, країн. Дедлайн - 10 жовтня 2019 року.

Our Youth exchange will take place in Beirut, Lebanon 9 - 18 November
and there will be 6 youth groups from Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Lebanon.
In each group, there will be 4 participants in the age of 18-25 plus 1 adult group leader, so the total number of participants in our project is 30 people.

The recent wars in Syria, Libya and, in the EU’s neighbourhood, Ukraine have shown that in the 21st century it is still important to find nonviolent ways to solve conflicts. It is also important that apart from the political factor all these wars have on their basis ethnical and religious intolerance preventing them from a peaceful solution. This demonstrates, yet again, the importance of the development of tolerance, respect for other nationalities and other humanistic values among the youth.

The specific target group of the project, as well as the corresponding set of activities proposed in the project, are able to achieve the following objectives:
1. Promoting intercultural cooperation of young people from different countries and regions representing different values, cultural and civilizational values;
2. The development of cross-religious understanding among young people and the development of tolerance to the spiritual values of other nations;
3. Informing about the negative consequences of interfaith, ethnic hatred and hate speech;

These objectives are directly linked to the objectives of the Erasmus+ program in such parts as:
- Promoting intercultural dialogue throughout Europe and the spread of democratic values;
- Increase the impact of youth on the formation of public policy;
- Promoting non-formal education and increase youth competencies informal methods.
The money reimbursment for participants from
- Latvia - 360 euro
- Poland - 360 euro
- Belarus - 360 euro
- Estonia - 360 euro
- Ukraine - 275 euro
- Lebanon - 20 euro

If you are aged 18 - 25
- want to share visions of the world, to understand and learn from those that do not see the world with the same perspective you do
- open up for new experience and knowledge
- has working english language skills
- you are a citizens or a legal resident of one of the participating countries

Please fill out the application form untill 7 October , we will inform you about the results on 10th October

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