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TransForm GURT

Укр. Eng.

Project aims at sharing the experience of the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations (NENO) about networking in civil society to the Ukrainian NGO GURT Resource Centre, for transForming GURT’s users community in a modern Ukraine National CSO network, built on European principles of management and operation.

Project financing: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia

Today GURT web-portal is a number one civil society media and a communication platform for civil society and community leaders which offers the deep insight into civil society development in Ukraine. GURT users’ community consists of:

  • - 29 000 registered users
  • - 32 000 subscribers of GURT’s weekly newsletter and internal mail-out
  • - 16 500 followers of Facebook page, which is the largest information platform for civil society and community leaders in Ukrainian segment of Facebook
  • - 5 100 followers of Twitter-account

Ukraine National CSO network in the future will allow all interested Ukrainian civil society organizations:

  • - Fully participate in formulating the position of civil society, instead of the usual publication positions "on behalf" of the Ukrainian elite by CSO-expert community;
  • - To become a parity member of dialogue with the authorities at central and local levels, instead of the usual role of "viewer" and "listener" of authorities monologues;
  • - To influence the priorities of donor organizations in Ukraine, instead of the usual "adjustment" real social needs in terms of grant competitions.

Activities within the project: 

  • - creation and coordination of the initiative group to create a functional model and propose a new governance structure of Ukraine's largest national network of CSOs;
  • - 1-week study-visit of initiative group members to Tallinn to study the work of NENO and to participate in trainings for increasing the capacity of CSOs;
  • - Focus groups in the regions to discuss the functional model and governance structure of the national network of Ukrainian CSOs;
  • - Awareness campaign among GURT web-portal users and constituencies to exchange ideas on creating the national network of Ukrainian CSOs;
  • - Development and implementation of 3-steps training programme for strategy and capacity building;
  • - Final feedback-survey among portal users of GURT and finalizing the plan of its transFormation in a modern national network of Ukrainian CSOs.

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  • 52 Popudrenka St., office 609
  • Kyiv, 02094, Ukraine
  • Phone / Fax: +38 044 296 1052
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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