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Спеціаліст з альтернативного фінансування (торгового факторингу)

The Financial Sector Reform Activity (FSR) in Ukraine is a five-year program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and managed by DAI Global LLC (DAI). The purpose of the activity is to transform the country’s financial sector into a sophisticated, well-functioning, competitive market that is aligned with European Union (EU) standards and integrated into international financial systems. This transformation will mobilize private finance for sustained economic growth in Ukraine.

FSR will be implemented through four interlinked components:

• COMPONENT 1: Market Regulation and Supervision

• COMPONENT 2: Financial Infrastructure

• COMPONENT 3: Private Sector Intermediaries and Facilitators

• COMPONENT 4: Transparency and Communications


The FSR project is looking for candidates to fill the Alternative Finance Specialist (Trade Factoring) position.



The Alternative Finance Specialist with expertise in Trade Factoring will be responsible for developing and implementing FSR activities to develop Trade Factoring as an alternative source for financing SME working capital needs. In addition, s/he will advise on other alternative financing instruments  to conventional banking loans. The Trade Factoring Specialist will work closely with key stakeholders, including but not limited to the Ukrainian Task Force for Factoring (UATFF), NABU, private banks, factoring companies, international financial institutions, and the State authorities. 

Other tasks include:

     •   Develop and implement a program of activities for expanding trade factoring for SMEs in Ukraine.

     •   Write analytical papers on trade factoring and its advantages as a tool for financing SMEs.

     •   Arrange round tables on trade factoring, hold discussions with international finance organizations, and identify a pipeline of potential transactions/interventions for activities on trade factoring in Ukraine.

     •   Participate in infrastructure and IT development support for trade factoring.

     •   Contribute to the development of regulations and supervision practices conducive to the development of the factoring market.

     •   Arrange, manage, and oversee technical assistance and grants to support the development of trade factoring, including development of financial products.

     •   Participate in designing of potential portfolio guarantee programs to cover risk in trade factoring transactions with SMEs.

     •   Manage and oversee subcontractors (international and local consultants) providing support related to Component 3.

     •   Supervise the promotion of trade factoring by supporting capacity building of UATFF and developing dedicated learning for trade factoring providers and consumers in the regions of Ukraine.

     •   Perform other related duties as required.


Required Qualifications:

     •   An advanced degree in one of the following areas: finance, economics, management, finance/corporate law, and audit.

     •   At least 5 years of professional financial experience in commercial banks, NBFIs, and big retailers/discounters providing alternative financial products to SMEs,

     •   Experience in developing and implementing financial products, project management, and strategy.

     •   Practical experience in trade factoring and experience with development projects similar in scope and complexity to Ukraine FSR is a strong advantage. 

     •   Proven experience building linkages among government, private sector (SMEs), and public audiences or consumers.

     •   Knowledge of Ukraine’s financial sector landscape, actors and issues, relevant government ministries, and familiarity with relevant policies and reforms are required.

     •   Solid and persuasive interpersonal and communication skills.

     •   Excellent oral and written English and Ukrainian skills.


This position will report to the Component 3 Team Lead.  


Please submit Cover Letter and CV to [email protected] by October 10, 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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