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Chemonics International Inc. is seeking Service Delivery Trainer / Тренер

Chemonics International Inc.


USAID Democratic Governance East Activity

Scope of Work


Position: Service Delivery Trainer

Background: The eight--year USAID DG East Activity aims to strengthen the connection and trust between citizens and their government in eastern Ukraine by promoting an inclusive civic identity, common civic value and a unified Ukraine by addressing the divisive impacts of Russia's aggression, cases of far-right Ukrainian nationalism, and the consequences of ongoing armed conflict through increased citizen participation, improved service delivery and more responsive governance. DG East will provide opportunities for citizens to engage with their government, equip the government with resources to support their citizens, and create opportunities for citizens of Ukraine to build hope in their future and positive changes in their daily lives

As part of project activities, DG East is supporting Kherson City Military Administration with relaunching the operating of the Administrative Service Ceneter (hereinafter ASC) so it can resume its work and provide services to Kherson residents. Kherson City Military Administration needs to re-start the operation of the ASC so it can establish records of population migration and document the loss of private property during the hostilities. This is also necessary because it is a link to government control over this region after the occupation.

After eight months of occupation, the Kherson City Military Administration is suffering from insufficient material and technical support for the executive bodies. The absence or insufficient amount of ICT equipment and electronic communication does not allow the Kherson City Military Administration to fully organize the work of executive authorities, to represent the interests of residents of the territorial community and to exercise relevant functions and powers on behalf of and in the interests of the community. Due to prolonged hostilities and occupation in the region, the CC has lost many employees, which is why there is a shortage of qualified personnel. DG East will support Kherson City Military Administration in their effort to restore the work of Kherson ASC and restore services provision to internally displaced people (IDPs) and local population through the procurement of critical IT equipment such as computers, necessary software, training program for up to 20 representatives of ASC staff.

DG East will also support Kherson City Military Administration with providing delivering four training modules to the Kherson ASC staff based on the developed delivery standards for ASC customers developed by the Ministry of Economic Development service.


Purpose of Assignment:

The Service Delivery Trainer will deliver four trainings t via fourteen sessions - six two-day and two one-day training sessions for 2 groups of 20 Kherson ASC personnel.

The training will provide an opportunity to Kherson ASC staff to gain the skills, necessary for successful service delivery to customers based on a client-oriented service delivery. It is expected that these trainings will improve quality of service delivery by ASC staff and result in higher levels of satisfaction with the services provided at the local level, contributing to increased confidence in local authorities.

Within this activity, the Trainer will provide consulting services to develop four customized training modules in accordance with the specifications listed below and deliver these trainings in an online format to the 20 ASC staff.


Detailed Tasks:

The Trainer will develop customized educational programs covering the topics as detailed below, including materials. The Trainer will deliver the trainings in an online format to the 20 ASC staff.

• Develop the following training modules:

       1. Focus on the client: how to get results for clients (2-day training on the service standards for ASC staff and the basicсs of building effective communication with customers for 2 groups of 10 participants).

       2. Successful communication: how to get results together and satisfy the needs together (2-day workshop on communication skills, basics of conflict psychology and constructive dialogue with clients for 2 groups of 10 participants).

        3. Emotional detox: how to avoid burnout at the workplace (2-day training on burnout prevention and management of emotions for 2 groups of 10 participants).

       4. Document circulation: efficient docflow, better results (1-day training on storage and archiving systems, personal data and their handling, creating and circulation of documents for 2 groups of 10 participants).

• Develop pre-test and post-test questionnaires to examine the change and improvements in skills and knowledge of the ASC staff.

• Conduct eight sessions - six two-day and two one-day training sessions for 20 ASC staff, as detailed above.



• Developed training session modules in accordance with the topics and duration specified above.

• Development and preparation/dissemination of the training materials, including handout materials, presentations in PPP format for each module.

• Pre- and post-test questionnaire and analysis of results.

• Final report up to five pages in length detailing each implementation phase, difficulties, impacts, formulated recommendations for the Kherson ASC staff etc.

• Photos from each day of trainings.


Supervision and Reporting:

Supervision to be made by the DG East Activity Implementation Manager (South). Final deliverables to be approved by the Regional Director.

Level of Effort:

A total of 15 days of LOE.

Place of Performance

The assignment will take place remotely from within Ukraine. No in-country travel is anticipated.


The timeframe for this assignment will be on/about September 15, 2023 – October 30, 2023


Application Instructions:  Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to [email protected]   with  Service Delivery Trainer listed in the subject line by September 24, 2023.

Candidates must ensure that their CV does *not* include a photograph, date of birth, and/or marital status information. 

No telephone inquiries, please. Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis, and only finalists will be contacted. 

Chemonics is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its selection and employment practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, or other non-merit factors.


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