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НДІ оголошує конкурс на надання послуг усного та письмового перекладу

Reference ID - P-UA24022301

National Democratic Institute

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Translation services (oral and written)

RFP Release Date: February 23, 2024



The National Democratic Institute (NDI or the Institute) has actively supported Ukrainian efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and advance democratic reforms through supporting good governance and citizen engagement, political party strengthening and civil society development, election monitoring and strengthening the political participation of women. To support the operation of its office and programs in Ukraine, NDI seeks for qualitative oral and written translation services on an as-needed basis for a 12-month period.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) announces the annual bidding process on oral (simultaneous and consecutive) and written translation services (English-Ukrainian and vice versa) on an as-needed basis for a 12-month period.


NDI intends to procure services of a reputable and qualified vendor to provide the following services:

● written translation (English-Ukrainian and vice versa)

Written translations should be performed by qualified translators and must fully preserve the structure and integrity of the original document. The text is typed in the Microsoft Word text editor, Times New Roman 14 font, at least 250 words/1800 symbols with gaps, A4 sheet format, paragraph indentation - 1.25 cm, line spacing - single, text alignment - widthwise. The translation of documents must reproduce the original text with the smallest deviation from it. The translation must fully prove all the opinions expressed in the original document. At the same time, not only the main provisions, but also the nuances of the statement should be preserved. The translator should not add anything of his own, should not supplement and explain the content of the document.

Quality indicators of written translation:

● the translation is complete;

● the translation meets the requirements of NDI and the source text in terms of content and meaning, stylistics and design;

● the translation does not contain grammatical, spelling, punctuation or typographical errors;

● the terminology of the translation corresponds to the original text;

● translator observes the uniformity of terms, names, conditionals designations, abbreviations, symbols;

● abbreviations present in the source language are deciphered;

● arbitrary reductions are not allowed;

● the specifics of writing proper names must be agreed with NDI in a written form; Glossary for NDI terminology will be sent to the selected vendors for consistency of translation. In some cases, NDI has the right to formulate other requirements for the quality of the translation, depending on the specifics of the documents submitted in the assignment.

● oral translation (English-Ukrainian and vice versa):

     ○ consecutive translation (offline/online)

Providing consecutive oral translation (offline/online) from English into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into English at the request of NDI during meetings, trainings, presentations, lectures and other formal or informal events.

One hour of consecutive oral translation is 60 minutes of the interpreter's work, taking into account the speaking periods of the person(s) whose speech(s) is the object of the translation. The amount of translation is determined by the actual duration of the event, including the breaks (except for the lunch break) provided for in the program of the event, during which consecutive interpretation services are provided according to the formula: number of hours = actual duration of the event in minutes/60.

In some cases, NDI has the right to formulate other requirements for the quality of the translation.

     ○ simultaneous translation (English-Ukrainian and vice versa):

            ♦ with equipment (for 30 persons and more);

            ♦ without equipment (whispering);

            ♦ via online platforms (Zoom,Google Meet, Microsoft Teams).

Simultaneous translation from English into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into English is carried out during online and offline events organized by NDI. One hour of simultaneous oral translation is 60 minutes of the interpreter's work.

One hour of oral simultaneous translation for 30 persons and more consists of 60 minutes of work by two interpreters who take turns translating by means of equipment for simultaneous translation. The vendor, preferably should be able to provide a set of equipment for simultaneous translation and/or a floor cabin for translators.

The amount of translation is determined according to the actual duration of the event, including breaks (except for the lunch break) provided for in the program of the event, during which simultaneous translation services were provided according to the formula: number of hours = actual duration of the event in minutes/60.

The place of provision of services is the city of Kyiv with possible business trips across Ukraine and abroad with coverage by NDI of expenses for accommodation, transportation and group meals.

In some cases, NDI has the right to formulate other requirements for the quality of the translation.


Submissions are due by March 11, 2024. Early submissions are encouraged.

The Agreement is expected to start in late March - beginning of April 2024 for a 12 months period.

NDI reserves the right to contact bidders to seek additional information and clarifications based on the submission of proposals following the submission deadline.


Potential vendors should submit a written proposal to NDI by the aforementioned deadline for full consideration. Proposals should indicate the bidder’s qualifications to provide the services outlined in their proposal.

Requirements to potential bidders:

● at least 3 years of proven experience in providing translation services - both written and

oral (English-Ukrainian/Russian and vice versa)

● vocabulary awareness on the following topics:

     ○ elections

     ○ gender equality

     ○ LGBT

     ○ public participation

● Preferred experience of work with technical assistance projects and international organizations;

● Availability to provide services to NDI at a short notice;

● Availability to work during holidays and weekends;

● Observing translation confidentiality;

● Knowledge and application of international and national standards in the field of translations that operate in Ukraine when performing translations.

At a minimum, the proposal should include:

● A brief company’s profile;

● Registration documents;

● Evidence of experience of performing written and oral (simultaneous and consecutive)

translations, preferably within technical assistance projects (USAID funded and other

donors as well) and/or international organizations;

● At least three references with full contact information of the previous clients (name, title,

email and phone number);

● Preferably three reference letters;

● CVs of translators/interpreters;

● Price offer (please, complete Annex to the RFP attached). Please indicate the currency

in which the price is specified.

● Completed Annex to RFP

If you have any additional information you want to share, please include it to the offer.

NDI will evaluate bids based on the vendor's ability to meet the description of services/goods needed, cost and value-for-money, experience/reputation, flexibility in payment terms, etc.

Please note that the selected vendor would be expected to use NDI’s standard contract template, a copy of which is available upon request.

The bid should be valid for 60 days from the due date of this RFP.


Please submit proposals in English via email to [email protected] by the deadline listed in the Timeline Section.

NDI reserves the right to reject any and all bids. NDI reserves the right to consider bids for modification at any time before a contract is awarded. NDI should not be liable for any costs associated with the preparation, transmittal, or presentation materials submitted in response to the RFP. NDI makes no certification as to the accuracy of any item and is not responsible or liable for any reliance on or use of the information or for any claims asserted therefrom. Bids are expected to be valid for up to six months from the publication date of the RFP.

Bidders must provide disclosure of any known past, present or future relationships with any parties associated with NDI. For example, bidders should disclose if a member of their Board is also a member of NDI's Board currently or in the past, or if they are affiliated (such as a board member, current/past employee or family member, volunteer, etc.) with a civil society organization that is a current, past or planned recipient of NDI funding. The bidder also certifies that the prices offered were arrived at independently and without the purpose of restricting competition with other offerers, including but not limited to subsidiaries and that prices have not been and will not be knowingly disclosed to any other offerer unless required by law. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in NDI having to re-evaluate the selection of a potential bid.


The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government. NDI has been supporting local democratization efforts in Ukraine since 1992.

For more information about NDI, please visit:


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