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Стипендії на навчання у програмі «Young entrepreneurs – Norwegian-Ukrainian business development»

Норвезько-українська торгова палата оголошує про стипендіальний конкурс на навчання у бізнес програмі «Young entrepreneurs – Norwegian-Ukrainian business development». Останній день подання - 1 лютого 2016 року. 
Program oppurtunities
  • Gain relevant up-to-date knowledge on the basis of highly ranked Kyiv School of Economics (Kyiv) and University of Nordland (Bodø)
  • Explore opportunities in doing Norwegian-Ukrainian business and develop them into real business cases
  • Improve your communication, presentation and team work skills in the intercultural setting
  • Extend your personal network and add valuable experience to your CV
  • Visit new cities in Norway and Ukraine

Time plan (both parts of the program are obligatory):

1) Part I Norway: 7-20 March

2) Part II Ukraine: 17-28 April

How to apply? Use this link.

Why to apply? 

You will be part of Norwegian-Ukrainian knowledge exchange, and thereby contribute to the development of international economy and democracy. In addition, you will get the opportunity to extend your personal network with young entrepreneurs, company representatives and prominent university professors from Norway and Ukraine who may become your business partners in future. Through the Norwegian-Ukrainian Young Entrepreneurs Program, you will gain valuable experience in solving real business cases with the focus on opportunities, challenges, cultural differences and applicable business tools. At the end of the program you will be awarded a certificate of the Norwegian-Ukrainian Young Entrepreneurs Program, which will benefit your CV, since participating in the international programs brings an essential competitive advantage on the labour market.

Who covers the costs? 

All program-related costs, including travel costs, visa fees, accommodation, meals, public transport and social gatherings will be covered by Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC) on the grant received from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Travel insurance and personal expenses are to be covered by participants.

Selection process and deadlines

  1. All applications must be submitted by the 1st February, 2016How to apply? Use this link.
  2. After reading all the applications (pre-selection process), NUCC will choose 25-30 candidates with the best fit into the program. The short-listed applicants will be interviewed by Skype.
  3. After the Skype-interviews, 20 most qualified candidates will be finally taken into the program.
  4. All applicants will be notified in a written form of either of the decisions by the 1st of March:
  • Taken into the program;
  • Waiting list;
  • Not taken into the program.

Program partners: University of Nordland  and Kyiv School of Economics


  • Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce
  • NUCC Project Manager Kjartan Pedersen
  • NUCC Office Manager Andrii Atroshchenko
  • Oslo; Norway
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Андрій Філіпчук   1621 день тому   #  

I just want to confirm the application deadline:
All applications must be submitted by the 1st February, 2016
- or -
a Selection process and deadlines
All applications must be submitted by the 1 of March 2016.
Also, before they wanted to get a Business proposal for Norwegian-Ukrainian trade or business development (max 10 pages), but I do not see it here:
Thank you in advance.

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