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Грантова програма на підтримку розвитку громадянського суспільства та впровадження реформ

Програма Матра (трансформації суспільства), започаткована Міністерством закордонних справ Нідерландів в 1994 році, спрямована на підтримку перехідних процесів. Програма відкрита для подання заявок від організацій громадянського суспільства, зареєстрованих в Україні.  Дедлайн - 11 лютого 2019 р. (далі - англ.).

2019 MATRA Programme call for proposals in Ukraine is now open!

General information

The MATRA (Social Transformation) Programme was launched by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993 to support democratisation in Central and Eastern Europe. The general objective of the MATRA Programme is to contribute to the development of a plural democracy, grounded in the rule of law, with room for dialogue between government and civil society.  This has been pursued through capacity building / institutional strengthening interventions aimed at government and civil society with particular attention for promoting bilateral relations.  In Ukraine, the MATRA Programme has been supporting civil society initiatives to reinforce democratic processes, strengthen the rule of law and monitor the implementation of reforms. 

2019 MATRA call for proposals

Priority areas

·         Enhancing the position of civil society organisations to perform their roles as independent actors, especially on local and regional level;

·         Strengthening the rule of law with the focus on fighting corruption;

·         Monitoring the implementation of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine;

·         Supporting the Government to improve key reforms and strengthening good governance;

·         Monitoring elections and raising public awareness.

Applicant eligibility

The MATRA Programme is open for applications from civil society organisations registered in Ukraine.  Twinning with Dutch organisations is possible.  Applicants should meet the following requirements:

·         be registered according to Ukrainian legislation and work in the field in line with organisation’s statute;

·         have adequate track record and proven management capacity, and expertise in the selected area(s) of intervention;

·         have an efficient decision-making structure which can take legal responsibility for the administration and use of funds;

·         have the necessary capacity and the network to achieve stated results.

Eligibility criteria for project proposals

The project proposal is expected to meet the following criteria:

·         address one or more of the above-mentioned priorities;

·         produce specific, measurable and meaningful outcomes;

·         identify strategies that ensure sustainability of the activity;

·         be designed in accordance with the application form (should be requested from;

·         maximum project duration is up to 24 months;

·         identify the organisation’s own financial and in-kind resources allocated to the proposed project (not less than 15% of the total budget);

·         the requested contribution should range in principle between UAH 1.500.000 and UAH 3.500.000;

·         should not duplicate activities funded by one or more other donors, but have added value to other donors’ activity.  

Submission of the project proposal

A soft copy of the project proposal in English should be sent to  A hard copy of the project proposal with all supporting documents should be posted or delivered to the following address:  

Matra Programme

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

7 Kontraktova Ploshcha

01901 Kyiv.

The deadline for submission is 11 February 2019.

The project selection will take place by 1 May 2019 at the latest.  All applicants will be informed of the results by e-mail.  All questions related to the MATRA Programme should be forwarded to:


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